Separating the Wheat from the Chaff

I am only just starting to realise there is more to the internet than shopping, sport  and newspapers (did you think I was going to say porn?? – tut tut)! Over the past month or so I have been looking at a lot of websites and blogs which catalogue hundreds of conspiracy theories, ranging from Alien invaders, to Masonically-driven world takeover schemes, to 9/11, to the assassination of JFK et al. My problem is that whilst there may be some compelling arguments tucked away in these stories, they are often submerged in a sea of hyperbole and over-exaggeration, which tend to make the average person think less of those theories.

For example, I have seen countless theories about 9/11 and how the attacks were actually carried out by the CIA or other clandestine organisations, but nothing to date has convinced me this is the case. I remain sure that the attacks were carried out by Al-Qaeda in pretty much the way described and witnessed by thousands of people. I don’t think the planes had been modified or loaded with explosives and I believe that the Pentagon was hit by an airliner rather than a missile. I have no real problem with the experts’ view that the hole in the Pentagon was commensurate with the impact and I also understand that the twin towers could have collapsed, given the magnitude of the impact and the huge amounts of fuel involved.  Furthermore, I think perhaps the flight that came down en-route to the Whitehouse was shot down by the USAF, but I can understand why they would do this and why they would be reluctant to admit to it. If they did shoot it down, then maybe it was the right thing to do in the circumstances, however unpalatable this may be.

However, this does not mean that I do not have one major question that still needs to be answered. What happened to Building 7?? The way that building collapsed was strange to say the least and I don’t think a proper explanation has been forthcoming. It certainly looked like a controlled demolition – the building collapsed from the bottom up (as achieved in explosive demolition) and was seemingly not damaged to a massive extent by fire prior to its collapse. Another factor is that steel framed buildings do not collapse in a fire, no matter how severe. The steel will bend and bow, but this was different. It collapsed too quickly and too soon after the fire. It does not add up, but if someone can give me an answer to this, then my mind will be 100% settled on the 9/11 conspiracies, especially if they can clear up the small point of the announcement of the collapse of Building 7 before it actually happened!!

Another favourite conspiracy theory is the JFK assassination. I thought this had been done to death years ago. I am not interested in supposed quotes by FBI insiders or supposed clandestine meetings and deals, all of which cannot be substantiated. We will also never know about the so-called “second shooter” and the “grassy knoll”  theories, but I recently watched the video of the procession and shooting and was amazed that the two runners (CIA agents) were withdrawn from the sides of the car as it drove slowly along. There were handholds and steps on the rear of the car, but they were ordered into the following vehicle instead …. very strange!

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